Daily Cruises from Katakolo to Ionian Islands

Local cruise

Special Offer

For you that you visit Katakolo only for a few hours (for example Cruise ship passengers) and you want to enjoy,the sun and the sea, we have desinged a 3hour trip full of beautiful moments and limitless fun.

A few words about the trip:

During this trip you’ll have an unique chance to enjoy the beautiful Ionian sea and the bright sun of Greece. Come and discover the nature of the area.

We are visiting places that can be reached only by sea with a yacht.

During the trip we are cruising by the coastline of Katakolo. The trip incudes a visit to some places such as Nisakoulia, San Andreas and Merkouri vineyard. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy swimming in the beautiful sea of the region and sunbathing under the bright sun,while we are passing by bays and riffs. The fun continues underwater...You can try snorkeling as we provide the equipment. The trip is ideal for any age!

Also during the cruise we can stop at places that will attract the attention of the passengers.

At the end of the trip we are offering refreshment,drinks (especially the traditional greek drink ''ouzo'') and snacks.

The tour lasts approximately 3 hours.

It will be the experience of your summer!

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  • 1.Golden beach
  • 10.Skafidia
  • 11.Majagoura
  • 12.Near the port
  • 14.Mercouri beach
  • 2.Swimming
  • 3.lighthouse
  • 4.Nisakoulia
  • 5.Panoramic view Merkouri estate
  • 6.Surfing
  • 7.Merkouti estate
  • 7.Saint Andreas island
  • 9.Sunset
  • Snorkeling
  • dancing-on-boat2


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