Daily Cruises from Katakolo to Ionian Islands

Our cruises

We organize 3 different trips:

  The first includes a visit to the island of Zakynthos. This tour will be as follows. First we arrive at Cape Gerakas,then as close as we are allowed to the islet of Peluso where the sea turtle's Caretta park is. Then we visit the small island of Marathonissi and finally Keri where we can see the wonderful caves. In an additional trip to Zakynthos we can visit the beach of Navagio and do the round of the island. The tour lasts 5 to 8 hours.







 The second includes a visit to the seaside village of Arkoudi. During this trip, visitors can enjoy swimming and also visit the well-known healing baths of the area. Finally before leaving we could have a free appetizer with ouzo to one of the most picturesque and beautiful village tavern. On the way back we stop to the famous beach ''Kourouta''. The tour lasts 3.5 to 5 hours.

The third and smallest route itinerary includes a visit to the coastline near Katakolo.During this cruise we pass by many bays such as Nisakoulia,San Andreas,Skafidia,Merkouri vineyard and Leventochori. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a swim in the beautiful sea in the region and at the end of the trip we offering traditional greek drink ''ouzo'' and a snack. The tour lasts 2 to 4 hours. 

Also during the cruise we can stop to places that will attract the attention of the passengers, such as small bays where you can enjoy the sun and the sea.

We emphasize that the length of each route varies depending on the preferences of each group or charterer, the residence time of the ship and the weather conditions. 

Except from these trips you can charter the boat and by agreement organize your own trip.You can get in touch with us through the ''contact us'' section of the site,for any further information and bookings.

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